Lalka taka jak Ty
Lalka taka jak Ty


"Your little princess will grow up and La Lalla remains, as a full of memories family heirloom."

Welcome to La Lalla world – create a twin doll for your little girl

A doll is girl's best friend, that's why La Lalla is an elegant and everlasting present for every little princess. You can configure La Lalla's colour and type of hair, (which we cut according to child's look), colour of eyes and skin. She comes from Spain and her skin is candies scented. Learn more about La Lalla with beautiful, silky hair, bright eyes and long lashes.
You will love her, just as we do!

Invite La Lalla to your home
Your child and La Lalla get matched, stylish clothes, sewed according to our designs. There are variety of patterns and styles to choose from. For every season and occasion - holidays, birthdays, beach, sleep, winter, summer and more! Our clothing and accessories are made in Poland of high-class textiles.

Perfect and chic present for Christmas, birthday or Children's Day.

La Lalla comes to your door wrapped up in a pretty pink box, bound with satin ribbon.
Do you want to make a nice surprise for your loved one, who lives hundreds, or even thousands of kilometers away from you? We will make sure, that La Lalla gets to her new home on perfect time!