Lalka taka jak Ty
Lalka taka jak Ty




1. I bought a doll. When can I expect delivery?

Realization of the order begins with the posting of the payment in the account or immediately, in the case of payment on receipt. The shipment is dispatched within 3 business days. In the pre-holiday period, ie: three weeks before Easter, [15.05 - 1.06] and [15.11 - 24.12] the order processing time is up to 5 business days. The order fulfillment time with sewn clothes for special size is up to 14 working days.


2. I have a problem buying the doll itself, without clothes, how can I do it?

La Lalla doll is a product consisting of a doll and a custom set of identical clothes for a girl and a doll. There is no way to buy a doll without clothes. It is not possible to purchase a doll only with accessories.


3. Is it possible to buy clothes only for dolls?

La Lalla doll is a product consisting of a doll and a set of identical clothes for a girl and a doll. There is no way to buy clothes just for dolls. In some collections, in accessories tab, you can find clothes only for dolls, but there's no possibility to buy doll without clothes for child. 


4. If I choose clothes, does my La Lalla automatically wear shoes?

La Lalla doll in basic version includes selected clothes, without accessories. Additional accessories such as panties, tights, shoes or hairbands can be purchased in the "Choose accessories" tab. Purchase of accessories is not necessary to complete the purchase of La Lalla doll.


5. Is it possible to buy clothes without buying a doll?

Purchase additional sets of doll and girl clothes and accessories is possible at any time.

6. Cloth that I want to buy is unavailable. When it will be completed?

We do not know exact time of returning of sepcific model to our store.
Our stock is filled everyday, in work days.  
Maximal time of completing the deficiency is about two weeks. 
Such terms doesn't apply to models which has note "last sizes" - such model won't be continued.   

7. The child wears clothes smaller / larger than available in the store. Is it possible to buy clothes of a different size?

We offer also selcted models for women in sizes S-XL. The size S is an equivalent of 158/164 size. We can add clothes for doll when the woman size will be chosen for child , but it is required to inform about such situation every time, in remarks to the order. 


8. Is it possible to exchange doll or clothes for another size?

You can make an exchange by returning unused goods and make new order on our website. You must remember that doll and clothes for child are inseparable set, so it is required to return whole set (doll and clothes for child). The same rule applies when returning clothes - clothes for child and doll are inseparable set, so you must return whole set.  


9. Can La Lalla dolls be bathed?

La Lalla dolls are designed to be in contact with water. There are, however, two points to consider before taking a bath. For dolls with localized or overturned hair, soaking the hair leads to straightening. Also be careful around the eyes because moisture can cause eyelash peeling.


10. Will the doll lose its scent after contact with water?

In contact with all kinds of bath cosmetics, the smell of the doll becomes less intense. It all depends on the intensity of the used cosmetics.


11. Hair dolls are not the same length. Are they specially shaded?

Strands of hair are factory-applied to the head of the doll and are the same length each. The apparent shading effect is due to the fact that the strands placed higher on the tip of the head appear to be shorter than those found at the bottom of the head.


12. I try to put a product into the shopping cart, but it is not available. When should it be in store again?

We make every effort to continually supplement missing inventory. Our clothes and most accessories are handmade by Polish craftsmen, so the waiting time for delivery is longer than in the case of factory-made items.

During the holidays, new deliveries are updated every day in the afternoon, so we invite you to regularly check the availability of our product in our store.


13. I have not received an email confirming my order. How can check if it was submitted correctly?

In the first place, please check the SPAM box, because there is a great chance that our e-mail is hidden there. However, if the confirmation email was not found in the SPAM folder, then your email inbox has probably rejected our email as unsafe. In this case, please write at to confirm your order.


14. The eylashes dropped out, what should I do?

Customers who need a spare pair of lashes please contact us at so that we can send them.

Use glue in the tube with applicator, which is safe for children, non-toxic, transparent and water-resistant, so that it does not stain and damage the surface of the doll. Warning! The use of glue other than recommended may cause irrepairable damage to the doll.

How to apply eyelashes:

1. Clean the surface of the face with adhesive residue and fat (damp cloth with a touch of soap)

2. Apply the glue to the edge of the eyelid (at the point of contact of the eyelid with the eyeball). Remove excess glue with a tissue.

3. Apply the eyelash on the edge of the eyelid and gently press the eyelashes to the eyelid with a pin.

4. Put the doll aside until it is clear (about 30 minutes)

15. How to remove dirt on the doll's body?

Stains below the head can be washed with soapy water and a nail remover. Warning! Do not use a nail remover near the face of the doll, as this will wash out the paint. In case of irremovable stains, benzoyl peroxide may be helpful.

16. Can I place my order by e-mail or by phonecall?

Order can only be mady trough our website If you have any questions or need help please contact us.